Here at Realistic Solutions MR we help you build your medical practice to be successful by reviewing the whole picture.  We offer an experienced billing team that has been working and making more money for providers then ever before.


One of the most important things we do here at Realistic Solutions MR, is help you to accomplish your future financial goals every step of the way. Don't worry, we've got you.

​​In the twenty-five years working with medical providers, Realistic Solutions MR have made their practices very successful. The physicians that Realistic Solutions MR have worked with over the years have increased their revenue,well over fifty percent and was able to obtain this momentum for years and years with Realistic Solutions MR collection skills and innovated ways  to look at the whole picture and not just what was in front of the team. 

Realistic Solutions MR have made many projects successful by getting the right key players involved with making the decisions that made a difference in making the practice successful by working with the medical practices staff and physicians and educating them on why the information that they give to the billing staff is important  and how to move that training into cash flow for the practice. 

Realistic Solutions MR have worked with the front end staff and have educated them on how to read  an explanations of benefits also on how to obtain the corrected data from the patient to process the claims correct the first time and trained them on the importance of referrals prior to the patient being seen, which has decreased rejections from the health insurance carriers and have increased the revenue to the medical practices'. Then the claims were processed promptly which, produced the reductions of the claims being reprocessed and this gave the front end staff better time in booking patients for the clinic to see and kept the revenue flowing smoothly.

In the medical billing field it is important not to just work with the billing staff but,the whole team which includes the physicians, front end staff, patients, health insurance carriers plus any other staff or outside vendor involved in making the process complete and successful. Why go with Realistic Solutions MR? Because Realistic Solutions MR has made multi million dollar medical practices for over twenty five years by high collections rates and training the right people to bring in the best results that improves your practices revenue by over 80 percent. CALL TODAY! Don't miss out on your change of freedom, time with family, and increased revenue that will blow your mind.

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